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Seahawks huge road win…early impressions

Seattle Seahawks v Houston Texans

The Hawks win in one of the most gut wrenching games I’ve ever seen. My stomach still hasn’t quite recovered. I need some Pepto.

At the end of the 3rd quarter, this game looked over. However, I kept thinking back to last season against the Falcons. How Russell Wilson willed this team back from a huge deficit. When Wilson has the ball and wants to win….there’s almost no stopping him.

I’m rewatching the game film now and will have more detailed analysis later…but here’s my early impressions:

  • Get that road monkey off our back! It’s not that the Hawks are a bad team on the road….they are just not as dominant as they are at home. That’s no real shock….Centurylink field is a crazy place to play, and there is no doubt about the advantage the Hawks have at home. But that doesn’t mean the Hawks are a bad team on the road…..they are 5-1 in their last 6 road games…6-2 if you count the playoffs. That is not a bad road team, that’s a team that’s starting to find their identity.
  • 10am start time is another Achilles heal. For some reason, the Hawks just do not start well on 10am games. Atlanta, Miami, Houston….it almost doesn’t matter. I feel the Hawks should take a page out of the Niners book, and just stay on the east coast on back to back road games. Anyone know of a nice hotel in Indy?
  • All of the NFC groaned in unison frustration. Every Seahawks road win means the likelihood of having to go through Centurylink to get to the Superbowl is that much more likely.
  • JJ Watt is a scary, scary man. If Watt was playing for the Seahawks, I would be purchasing my ticket to NYC, like now.
  •  Russell Wilson is the truth. In case people still have doubts, they should just watch this game in the 4th quarter. He should change his jersey number to 4, because that’s when he’s at his best. We lose this game without #3.
  • The defense needs to find ways to pressure the QB. I’m going to count the number of blitzes on tape, but we did not have a lot of luck rushing with just our down linemen. Dan Quinn, the Hawks defensive coordinator, has to find different blitz combos, or at least some different stunts to get our d lineman to pressure the QB. I don’t care how good our secondary is, they will get gashed if we can’t get pressure.
  • I had zero doubt about Haushka on the field goal. The guy is clutch.

Best part about this game: Michael Bennett is okay.

2nd best part: We’re still missing Okung, Unger, Breno, Irvin, Harvin, and Jordan Hill (probably a few others).

3rd best part: Hawks win.

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