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Knowing thy enemy: Indianapolis Colts


The Colts, like Hansel, are so hot right now. After coming off a scrimmage game against the Jaguars, the Colts host the Hawks in a game that will truly test where they stand. Are the Colts legit, or were the 49ers so demoralized and beat up after the Seahawks game, that they simply vultured the remaining scraps of the Niners team?

We shall find out.

I researched the Colts last 3 games to see what we might come up against. It’s hard to have any solid takeaways from these first 3 games, because there’s so much we still don’t know about them or their opponents….are the 49ers a serious contender? Will the Dolphins realize they are the Dolphins? If the Colts faced the best flag football team in the Northwest, would that have presented a bigger test than the Jaguars? So many unknowns.

Well I watched anyway and here’s my quick “analysis”:


  • Something about Andrew Luck’s face is bothersome to me. I don’t know…there’s something it. He looks like he drools a lot, and probably has a lisp. I’m not prince charming, but I have a feeling this is a guy that probably wouldn’t have scored as much in college if he wasn’t the star quarterback of the football team.
  • The Colts, as you would expect, are more dangerous on offense than defense. They don’t run a lot of gimmicky, complex plays, or even play action. They just line up and either throw or pass with their many weapons.
  • Trent Richardson will probably carry the load since it looks like Bradshaw will be out. Trent is the type of running back that would freak me out if I were a Jim Mora Seahawk fan. As a Pete Carroll Seahawk fan, not so much. Dude averages 3 yards a game. Usually that means a running back will pick up about 2-8 yards a play, but our man TRich literally gets 3 yards every play. Not very dynamic.
  • The Colts have 3 receivers who are really good at YAC’ing….which is football terms for Yards after the catch. The forever young Reggie Wayne, Darius Heyward-Bey, and TJ Hilton, no relation to Paris.
  • Bottom line-on offense, they don’t do anything flashy…they will pound it with Trent, and try to get their wideouts to beat our corners one on one. Luckily we have probably best tackling team in the league.


  • The Niners gashed them really good with the run, and then inexplicably went away from it in the 2nd half which is why I believe the 49ers lost the game.
  • The Colts were not fooled by the Niners trickery and shenanigans (one of my favorite words). The read option didn’t work at all….and you could argue whether the Hawks are better at it, but I have a better feeling that if you just simply Beastmode them between the tackles, they will be susceptible to it.
  • Overall-their defense isn’t scary or flashy….but they’ve gotten the job done the past few weeks. They won’t blitz as much as Houston, and they don’t have any WWE type players like JJ Watt on their Dline, so Russell Wilson should be standing up right more often than not.

Overall, the Colts are scary on offense as they have a lot of weapons and a Stanford educated QB.

I think it will be a close game, but ultimately the Seahawks should win the game by at least a field goal. The more I studied (where was that in high school), the more I like our matchups.

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