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Keeping things in perspective Sunday


These are the days it sucks to be a Sports blogger.

I’d like to start something new on Sundays. It’s called “Keeping things in perspective” Sundays. In an effort to keep myself, as well as thousands of other Seahawk/Husky fans from losing their collective sanity. The idea is that I will also do these even when we win, to keep us grounded and focused on the big picture.

Ultimately these games probably don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. The worst thing for us sports fans is the agonizing ESPN coverage that we must suffer through for the next week, hearing all sorts of “experts” talk about how good or how much the Seahawks suck based on their last performance.

These losses sucked, no doubt, but I’m giving you all a chance to take a deep breath, exhale, and think about things in the larger context….with the most obvious thing out of the way first, being that its just football, and no one died because of it.

The Seahawks game

I’ll have much more on this game as the week goes on. But for now I’m focusing on the high level things that we can hang our hat on, or be rightfully concerned about.

3 Things to talk you off the ledge:

Seahawks offense: The Seahawks offense got clicking for the first time this season. This looked like the same offense that won 8 straight going into the playoffs, and made them become the most dangerous team in the playoffs. And the best part? They put up 28 points and 423 yards of offense on one of the best teams in the league without 4 out of 5 guys on our offensive line. 5 out of 6 if you’re counting Zach Miller.

Hey Percy, Russell, Max, Zach, Breno….please hurry back.

Schedule: The Colts were the toughest game left on the Seahawks schedule. To beat them would have made a 16-0 season a distinct possibility. The 2 most difficult opponents from here on out are the Saints, at home, which we are indestructible, and at the 49ers…who I would argue are simply not as good as the Colts. (and which week 3 showed)

Young Mr.Luck and Mr.Wilson: You probably don’t care much about the NFL’s most prominent member of the Neck-beard association, but it should be known that Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck are just that damn good. They may be overshadowed right now by their bigger brothers Brees, Manning and Rodgers, but these guys, along with RG3 and perhaps Colin Kaepernick, are the brightest stars of the next generation of quarterbacks. The NFL is in good hands.

3 Reasons on why maybe you should at least consider it:

Overly aggressive defense: Starting to see a pattern developing with our defense. We seem to do well against athletic or inexperienced quarterbacks, but against smart, accurate quarterbacks, we can get gashed. I still think this is an elite defense, but Luck really exposed the Seahawks overly aggressive style. They took shots deep, and did some nice things to keep them off balance. This is not a good sign…especially if we have to go up against the likes of Peyton Manning in the Superbowl.

The Defense is healthy!: If we lost 14-7, that would’ve been an easier pill to swallow…because that would have meant that our defense showed up yet again, and our offense understandably struggled without many of their key starters. But that’s not what happened here. The opposite happened….and this vaunted defense with all of their pieces back, and as healthy as you can be in week 5 of the season, simply got gashed.

Special Teams: What’s supposed to be our strength turned into our kryptonite today. A blocked field goal return for a touchdown, and a blocked punt that only turned into a safety, made for a huge point swing at a point in the game where the Seahawks could’ve really stepped on the Colts throat.

This loss hurts, but its important to think about things in the bigger picture. There is no BCS system (thank God), and as long as we can stay ahead of the Niners and Saints of the world, we should be fine. Perhaps the Seahawks play better with a chip on their shoulder anyway. They played well enough to win, but the Colts got a few more breaks and that was the difference.

Don’t go burning your Russell Wilson jersey’s just yet.

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