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Tuesday morning Roundup Week 5


Damn you football Gods! It’s times like this where I am torn as a sports blogger. I love sports very much….obvi, but honestly there are times, like this weekend, where I thought more than once “Ugh. Oh well, it’s just a game. I have to move on with my life.”

It’s easy to say this week 5, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a hot mess last year in the playoffs when the Seahawks lost to the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC divisional round.

Bottom line: Like I said in my last blog post, it’s all about perspective. As bad as this weekend sucked, there are definitely things we can take away from our beloved teams that we can feel good about. That’s not just me being mr. eternal optimist, I truly believe it.

Washington Huskies

Let’s start with the Washington Huskies, since I didn’t get to them on my last post.

First off-I must admit that I may have been wrong about Keith Price. I always just thought he was an average quarterback at best…but a little too small and a little too slow to truly be an effective college quarterback.

Well I still might be right about that…but at least for one night he proved to me and all the “haters” (can we please retire that word, or at least reserve to only those people who truly hate someone for no reason?), that he can be a very good, if not great college quarterback. Keith Price looked like Russell Wilson. In a “I can do whatever I damn well want on the football field” kind of way.

Going up against what is one of the most physical defenses in the nation, Keith was throwing darts out there. What impressed me most about Keith was his pocket awareness. What makes Russell Wilson so good isn’t his speed or even his elusiveness….it’s his ability to know when the pocket is breaking down, and when to step up in the pocket to make a solid throw.

Can we talk about those sick gold chrome helmets too? I’m a Duck hater through and through (for that I will attest to hatin’), but I can’t deny how sick their uniforms look….most of the time. Yes I’m jealous of their uni’s…but if the Huskies can rock the gold chrome helmet once in a while, I’d call that good. Sorry ol’ timers, but to land good recruits these days, you need to have flashy uniforms.


The Huskies defense is legit…and the biggest reason they will have the best record in Sark’s career this season.

This game ultimately was decided by special teams. The inability of the Huskies to kickoff deep in their end zone absolutely killed the Huskies. Perhaps its time to dedicate some recruiting time to getting some serious kicking talent. Hey can we get Eddie Johnson to go back to grad school?

I tweeted Saturday night that I thought the “catch” overturn was a horrible decision. Myself and Husky nation might be in the minority there, but to me…the question isn’t whether or not Kevin Smith caught the ball. The question is whether or not there was conclusive video evidence that the ball not only hit the ground…but that Kevin did not control the ball with his hands at the time. Keep in mind-football rules state that when catching the ball….it actually CAN hit the ground, as long as the receiver “controls it” with his hands and completes the catch. Which Kevin Smith clearly did. It upsets me when referees miss calls on the field, but to miss calls in the replay booth is downright tragic.

Overall-The Huskies will be fine. This was not a game that many expected them to win. They have a legitimate chance to beat the Ducks this weekend…and that, my friends, is worth 10 Stanford losses.

Your Seattle Seahawks

-Many people might be quick to point out how awful the referee situation was. And it was probably worse than that. What’s most upsetting wasn’t the fact that calls went predominantly against the Seahawks (7 to 3), its the fact that the Colts were getting away with calls that were just as blatant and obvious, if not more, than the same penalties the Seahawks were committing.

The offensive PI on Golden Tate would been a bad call in a WNBA game. The non offensive PI call on Reggie Wayne for the 2 pt conversion was just as laughable. Not to mention the late hit on Russell Wilson on the last play of the game.

I don’t expect officials to call every penalty, and I don’t expect them to even it out. If the Seahawks commit more penalties, which they probably do on average, they should be called for it.

I do expect them however, to be consistent with how they call the game. The NFL needs to start manning up and stop calling so many penalties in general. No one wants to see flags. Ever. Only the most egregious penalties should be called.

-Officiating aside, that was not the reason the Seahawks lost the game. Although it certainly didn’t help. The reason the Seahawks lost the game was the inability to put consistent pressure on Andrew Luck. Our secondary is good, but if you give a great quarterback time, he will pick you apart.

-Offensively the Hawks played a great game. It gives me hope for the rest of the season. If they play like this every game, we are looking at a 13-3, 14-2 type of season.

Bottom line: The Seahawks played well and they played hard. They didn’t get some breaks, and the other team played just as hard and tough. This is like when Tiger shoots a 64, and Mr. no-name shoots a 63. Some days it just doesn’t go your way.

Getting some home cooking against the Titans will be the perfect hangover cure.

Quick thoughts around the league

-I can’t figure out what’s wrong with Atlanta. I knew that Steven Jackson wouldn’t add much to their running game, but they didn’t have much running game last year and that turned out okay.

-The Saints now lead in the NFC “take homefield advantage away from the Seahawks” game. It reminds me of when your buddies would play a game like Risk…and the clear dominant player starts ganging up on the guy that accumulates the biggest army, simply to level the playing field.

-The 49ers looked dominant against a pitiful Texans team with a now certified basket case quarterback in Matt Schaub. Colin Kaepernick has looked terrible for the 4th game in a row. Is Ron Jaworski SURE that this guy could be the best quarterback in NFL history?

-Peyton and Tony Romo dueled in what seemed to a battle set in the old west. In typical Romo fashion though, his last shot on his six shooter shot blank.

Seacrest out (I need to think of a new closing).

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