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Keeping Things in Perspective-Week 6











A pretty crappy weekend overall.

The Seahawks and the Huskies played in two games that went pretty much how you would expect it to, according to the box score. The Seahawk game was a little too close for comfort, and they should’ve won by a larger margin, but at the end of the day, they won comfortably against a potential playoff team and that’s always a plus in the NFL.

The only real highlight this weekend was Will Ferrell hanging out with Macklemore at the Seahawks game. We’re starting to feel a little like Lakers games….where’s Jack when you need him?

For the Huskies-they continue to d*** tease us as they flirt with the idea of becoming an elite college football team once again. They can’t do so though, until they not only beat the elite teams in the Pac-12, but consistently maintain their excellence.

They can beat a Stanford or USC every once in a while, but they just can’t figure out those damn Ducks. They are getting there though. Even though it seemed like a blowout on paper, the Huskies were in the game for about 3 1/2 quarters. They just did what most teams end up doing against the Oregon offense. They run out of gas.

Seahawks vs. Titans

After watching the game at the stadium live, I felt frustrated more than anything. Stupid plays by Chris, “look at me now” Maragos, and Sidney “I’ll take my 8 million now thank you very much” Rice almost cost us the game. I was angry at how sloppy we played, and flirted with a loss on our home field.

Then I watched the a day later and my nerves were calmer. In line with the title of this blog, I kept these things in perspective:

1. Our defense, once again, showed their @$$ off. Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Malcolm Smith, Michael Bennett, Red Bryant and Chris Clemons were all ballin out there. Sure, it’s Ryan Fitzpatrick, but whenever you can hold a team to 6 offensive points for an entire game, that’s pretty damn good.

2. Russell Wilson is just….Russell Wilson. Nuff said.

3. Special teams is becoming the Special Olympics team. No offense to the special Olympics, but our special teams play has been looking just that. They should be riding the short bus to the stadium. A muffed field goal, led to the biggest play of the game and changed what should’ve been a 27-6 blowout, to a 20-13, somewhat nail biter.

Chris Maragos, you may have Tony Romo’d your way out of here.

Alas, keeping things in perspective, the Seahawks are 5-1 and we shouldn’t be worrying about anything at this point. When and if we lose possible home field advantage in the playoffs, then we should worry. But as it stands, we are tied with New Orleans and own the tiebreaker if we beat them at home.

If you are worried that the Seahawks haven’t been blowing out teams 58-0 like they were last year, just keep in  mind that the NFL is really good…all the teams, and when you can beat above average teams on your off days, than you are in very good shape.

So let’s enjoy this one and get ready for a quick turnaround on Thursday night!

Huskies vs. Ducks

Keeping this one short since I hate to relive it…the Ducks did what they do and showed their dominance once again. One thing I want to say to Huskies fans is this, as big of douche’s as Duck fans are, they deserve to gloat. We can’t really brag about our 91 championship, because that year was before most of the guys from Oregon were even born. Fact is-they are beating us right now like we stole something, and its tough to stomach.

I think the Huskies are almost there, but right now its the Duck dynasty, and we must suffer through it.



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