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Seahawks Hangover Friday-King of the Throne


GOD I love this team. The Seahawks have just shown the entire realm of football why they are the team to beat. Don’t you dare speak against the king, or you just might be the next feast for the crows.

For some reason, this win was more satisfying to me than any of the blowout wins we had at the end of last year. Okay maybe on par with the San Francisco blowout, but there was something particularly special about this win.

I’ll spare you the details on how my severe mancrush on Russell Wilson unexpectedly turned into a straight Sun and stars weird kind of destiny filled moment….okay maybe I won’t spare you, I’ll just reserve most of it for another post.

Let’s revel in the fact that the entire nation hates us. They hate how brash we are. They hate our confidence. They hate our coach. They hate our players (namely Sherman). But mostly, they hate how damn good we are. Most teams, with the exception of perhaps the Broncos, would do anything to trade rosters with us. We are the Lannisters of the NFL.

The Seahawks are known to be great at home. However when they can take their dominant show on the road, that’s when sh*t gets real for the rest of the league.

Flee swiftly NFL, as the night is dark and full of terrors.

Let’s also acknowledge the incredible Hawk fans that made the trip to Arizona. There were 2 moments where I legitimately was ready to Man-cry. The first was late in the game, where you could hear a “SEA-HAWKS!!!” chant very audibly as victory was nearing. The 2nd was in the post season interview with Russell Wilson on NFL network. If you haven’t seen that yet….watch it, record it, bootleg it…whatever, it is worth getting into legal trouble to watch.

The Hawks wore the Wolf Gray jersey’s last night….appropriate considering the way they feasted on the birds of the Cardinal. Perhaps the best quote of the night was “The Seahawks have 11 predators out there on defense.” Couldn’t be a more appropriate statement. Beware of the Direwolves.

If we can assume that last night, the field was neutral, considering how many Seahawk fans there were…then I feel pretty good about our chances if we were to make to New York for a chance at a ring in 2014.

How many players exactly balled out? Let’s count em:

Russell Wilson: The pending coronation isn’t a matter of if, but when.

Beastmode: Knocking off Darnell Dockett’s helmet like it was Ned Stark committing treason against the king was just about the most satisfyingly football type play imaginable.

Next time I talk to any Europeans who are trying to understand the game of American football, I’m going to have this image with me at all times so I could sum it up in one moment:








Sidney Rice: Hi Haters!

Golden Tate: The master of YAC. The guy just burns opposing DB’s.

Zach Miller, Luke Willson, and Kellen Davis: Not sure I’ve seen a more impressive game from a trio of Tight ends before. I knew Arizona sucked against TE’s all year, but that was rid-GRONK-ulous.

Robert Turbin: Looked like mini-beast.

Chris Clemons: This guy is so good….that I think we underestimate him just because the rest of our defense is so nasty.

Michael Bennett: Racking up his usual sack.

Cliff Avril: Showed great hustle and might’ve had one of his better Seahawk games.

Clinton McDonald: This guy was simply everywhere. If we can get this play from the DT position, watch out.

KJ Wright: Making us forget about Leroy Hill.

Malcolm Smith: Probably the best defensive player last night. Absolutely killed it.

Bruce Irvin: This guy has a burst that you rarely see in linebackers. How’s that C grade looking now Mike Mayock, Rob Rang, Mel Kiper….etc?

Eff it….this entire Seahawks linebacking crew, while they haven’t been great this season, made us all believers in them after last night’s game…without arguably their best LB, Bobby Wagner. This LB crew is better even than the LB group that took us to the superbowl with guys like Hill, Lofa, and later Julian Peterson.

All of Legion of boom: Not much more that can be said about this already dominating secondary. Favorite part was Kam Chancellor blowing up a tackle on his way to a tackle for loss.

We’ll save the offensive line woes from pure humiliation for another post. Today is not the day for lamenting, it is for celebrating. We are now 6-1, and the road to the light at the end of the tunnel is clear. We will be victorious through fire and blood.

And one lasting image for any possible doubters left out there in football land:


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