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Week 7 Notes

So I decided to stop the weekly Power Rankings, or the “Super Stack Power Rankings” as I called them. It takes up too much time, and really doesn’t say much…especially now that we’re getting in the dreary days of the football schedule. Where the weather starts turning, and you are just trying to find mathematical ways for your team to make the playoffs. I will probably bring it back every month or so…but for now, just know that there’s a handful of teams that have a good shot at a title run, and the rest are pretty much insignificant.

Week 7 was a week that saw the mighty Broncos fall, and the state of Arizona literally stormed by Seattle Seahawk fans. Seahawk fever is spreading…and with good reason. They are purring along, and they are making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Which is great because its getting freakin cold up here in the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s a few notes from around the NFL

  • The SKeattle Seahawks! The skittles were in full effect last Thursday as the Seahawks literally took over the state of Arizona and pounded the Cardinals into submission. The Seahawks are flying high, and with some big name players coming to pile on the Seahawk vehicle, there looks to be no stopping them anytime soon. They play St.Louis next week on Monday night, which looked like a tough game on paper prior to the season, but now looks to be the possible returning of one Percival Harvin.
  • So the Kool Aid guy is back….those of you over the age of 30.
  • Speaking of old people…the Rams called Brett Favre to see if he could play on Monday against the Seahawks.  He was briefly interested, until he realized he wasn’t talking to his AARP representative.
  • I watched Monday Night Football with the Vikings and Giants for some unknown reason. And then I started thinking about how bad the Dexter finale was. When does Game of Thrones come back on?
  • The Colts beat Denver in what was supposed to be Peyton’s revenge or some other storyline. Storylines are cool in Hollywood, but don’t always work out well in sports. Especially when the young padewon, ie: Luck, defeats the master Jedi (Manning). So anti-climatic guys!
  • A dark horse team that’s on its way up are the Carolina Panthers. They are a dangerous team, and if things get clicking, could present a tough out to anyone in the NFC. Call them the Gonzaga of the NFL this year.

All for now….happy day after humpday!

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