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Why we feel like crap, but why we should feel good-Rams/Hawks game recap

Halfway into the 1st quarter, the Seahawks must’ve been thinking…It’s getting hot in hurrr!!

Okay now that I got my obligatory Nelly joke out of the way, on to my recap. You know….sports can be a funny thing (which is why I never bet on sporting events).

I’ve been fortunate enough to play recreational league sports (basketball) for quite a while now. You would think that after almost 20 years of playing in recreational leagues, one would know the exact way to get ready before a game. Of course as I got older, I realized you have to do things in order to keep your body ready to play and also so you don’t get hurt or sore the next day. You stretch for 20 minutes, lightly jog, shoot around the basket, maybe do some pushups…whatever it takes to keep your body fresh and limber. Then there’s the mental preparation. You get in the zone…you listen to music, think about some of the moves you might try during the game, think about having the correct form on your shot or whatever it is. And then there’s the fuel…you make sure you have plenty of water, eat a banana, maybe a powerbar, nothing greasy for sure.

And then you’re ready for the game.

Sometimes the game unfolds exactly how you envision it…and some days, on occasion, you just can’t play to your ability. Maybe you stayed up a little too late the night before. Maybe one of your best players has poor body language, so it subconsciously transfers to you. Maybe the other team just starts hitting everything, lowering your confidence.

Whatever it is…the point is this: Sometimes you can prepare the right way, say all the right things, take all the right steps….but there are times where you just simply don’t have it. 

It’s human nature. No one person, or group of individuals, can always be at their best, all the time. His airness, Michael Jordan had some terrible games from time to time.

Which brings us to last night’s football game with the Seahawks visiting the Rams. I don’t feel very negative about this game. I’m thankful we got the win, and probably have less concerns than the average rational fan should have.

It’s quite a rare thing: to be out-hustled, out-coached, and out played by a team in the NFL, and still come away with a victory. 

Yes-the Seahawks were outhustled. In the “battle”, the Rams dominated. I quoted “battle” because it really wasn’t a battle at all. The Hawks got manhandled on the line on both sides of the ball.

The Seahawks were outcoached. The blocking schemes the Rams had for their running backs was outstanding. The defensive schemes they played with to stack the box against Marshawn Lynch, yet contain Russell Wilson from escaping the pocket, was truly impressive. Why the Seahawks did not run the ball more with Marshawn I’m still trying to figure out. He must’ve been hurt is my only possible explanation at this point.

And yes the Seahawks were outplayed in every phase of the game, except for one-turnovers…which may have been the difference in the game. This doesn’t mean the Seahawks have been “figured out”…like I said, they just didn’t have it last night.

So how did the Seahawks win despite being outplayed? Simple: Talent. 

The Seahawks are simply a much more talented team than the Rams at this point. Talent usually wins in the long run over the course of a season, but in a game like football, relying on talent alone can lose you a few games if you’re not careful. That’s why I’m happy with this win…because this is a game the Seahawks should’ve lost, and would’ve lost only a year ago. But this team is different. This team is trying to live in the moment…and that’s what makes this team a scary threat to win it all this year.

Some quick thoughts:

MVP of the game: Without a doubt, Earl Thomas. ET is literally playing out of his mind right now. He’s like a man-possessed. It was announced that he has been getting mentored by Ray Lewis for almost a year now. Which makes a lot of sense because Ray also played like he was out of his damned mind. ET is flying all over the football field and could be a candidate for defensive player of the year in the NFL. Did I mention he probably made the game saving tackle not once but twice when the Rams had the ball 1st and goal? Way to go Earl.

Where’s Marshawn? 8 carries is unacceptable. The Seahawks also had the ball 1st and goal with no running plays to Lynch. All I gotta say is, Darrell Bevell’s gotta have some brass balls to upset a guy like Marshawn Lynch. I’m a Bevell believer, but his play calling last night really did confuse me.

-Our offensive line is truly pathetic. Okung going down is obviously a huge loss…but let’s not act like we still don’t have 3 out of 5 starting O lineman, and Breno Giacomini is no Walter Jones. If the Seahawks don’t win it this year, it’s simply due to our porous offensive line, which hopefully will show improvement.

-Golden Tate is an explosive player who does knucklehead things. It sucks from an image standpoint-he and Sherman don’t give the Seahawks a whole lot of likeability across the league, but I don’t mind it as much as some. If he didn’t have the talent to back it up I’d probably be more upset, but with some of these guys you take the good with the bad. I’ll still take Golden’s personality over guys like Dez Bryant, Desean Jackson, etc…

-Does Percy Harvin block? No…well I’ll still take his ability to catch a quick slant and take it to the house any day. He will still help this team immensely when he gets back, even with a shoddy line because of his ability to stretch the field. Defenses can’t stack 8 in the box (load up front defensively to stop Marshawn Lynch) when you have the threat of Harvin on the outside. The countdown continues.

Did the Seahawks get lucky? No I don’t think so…I mean its not like we won on a last second hail Mary or something. The Seahawks are fortunate. Fortunate to come out of the week 7-1 for the first time in history. On to the next one.

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