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Oh My God, We Suck! Seasons Over! Another Seahawk Failed Season!


I’m just summarizing and exaggerating some of the comments I’ve heard from Seahawks fans over the past day. Needless to say, I think people are overreacting to something that’s pretty common in this game we call football. It’s called, it’s the NFL.

Midway through the season, teams go through sort of a general malaise that lingers for most of the middle part of the schedule. The excitement over beginning a new season is over. Guys are tired, banged up, and really….it’s hard to find motivation for these guys at this point. That goes for all the guys in the NFL….there’s nothing really to play for right now. Of course they are jockeying for playoff positions, but there’s no “do or die” feeling in this middle part of the season.

I’m sure the only thing motivating the Seahawks right now is the fact that the 49ers are nipping at their heels, and they know that home field advantage in the playoffs could mean the difference between going to the Superbowl in New York, and not.

So please spare me on the Seahawks suck, or are overrated talk. They still have a top defense, and top 10 offense. Let’s see how the Seahawks are playing in December and January when it counts, before we judge.

So what happened against the Bucs? Well, a lot of things. First of all, the Bucs are actually a decent team. One thing I heard is that the Seahawks were lucky to win. I don’t know what your definition of lucky is, but that is not a lucky win. If anything, the Bucs were lucky to be up by 21. A phantom pass interference call against Thomas that gave them the first touchdown, and a fumbled kickoff gave them their 3rd.

From that point on, the Bucs only got into Seahawks territory once.

I turned to my friend at halftime…and you can quote me on this. I said “We’re going to win, and Tampa’s not going to score in the 2nd half”. Well, I was close. They scored 3 points. But I still feel like MF’ing Nostradamus up in here.

The Big Concern

Okay at this point you might be thinking I’m an eternal optimist. After 2 crap games in a row, nothing is going to get me down right? Well, I have one major concern: The running game defense.

See, when the Seahawks have struggled historically, it’s always been when we struggle against the run. You don’t have to think back very far to remember Frank Gore gashing the Hawks. Those were the years we struggled.

But this defense is supposed to be different. Yes, we have the legendary Legion of Boom, but we’re supposed to be stout up front as well.

Well, this the 2nd game in a row that a team has rushed for over 200 against us. That’s not good. And as my friend Ron Burgundy once said “That escalated quickly”.

It’s a huge concern because if you can run against the Seahawks, you take away our strength…throwing against our defense on the 3rd and long. The Seahawks were built for 3rd and long. A physical secondary, and about 20 pass rushers…that’s all we know. But if teams can gash us on 1st and 2nd, we are in trouble.

The good news is it can be fixed. After watching the tape, guys are missing tackles, and generally not being where it looks like they’re supposed to be. They’re also getting knocked down and pushed back. I think this all goes back to what I said earlier: Our guys are just tired at this point. We need a bye like Miley Cyrus needs a squats class.

Reasons to be excited

  • Unsung hero: Michael Robinson. Mike Rob won’t get a lot of exposure, but he played a superb game. He blocked so well for Marshawn all game, it’s hard to fathom how we won 7  games without him.
  • This just in: The Seahawks might have an offensive line! They still looked ratty, ragged, and sloppy, but they got the job done on grit and effort. Wilson wasn’t sacked, but he was hit quite a lot. The line also opened up some nice holes for Marshawn. Reason to be very encouraged.
  • Hey! Do you realize what the Seahawks did?! So many are focusing on our crappy first half. You should keep in mind that the Seahawks did something they’ve never done before, and most teams have never done. Win, after being down by 21 points. We outscored the Bucs 27-3 for 2 1/2 quarters. That’s no small feat. And don’t buy the Bucs suck story….yes they are winless, but they are better than their record shows. They are better than a lot of teams that have wins, including Atlanta who we happen to play next week.
  • We still have Russell Wilson. I feel like as long as he’s calling the shots, we’re never out of a game. That has to scare the piss out of the rest of the NFL. You could be up by 30, but if Russell Wilson is playing, he’s just going to keep fighting. Gerald Hayes of the Bucs actually said that playing against Wilson was “unfair”. When’s the last time you heard someone say that about an opposing teams player? He’s that good folks.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Don’t panic. We are 8-1. Let’s enjoy the ride.

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  1. And that is the big difference Mr. Nostradamus the 12th. The Seahawks have always dropped it at the end. The end of the season, the end of the game, get your hopes up then through the floor they go. That’s what we are used to. It wasn’t too long ago that at halftime there would of only been 11.5 men left in the stands.

    Not anymore. Now we just expect this team to pull through no matter. We aren’t used to feeling this way about the home team. Enjoy the ride indeed. Go Hawks!

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