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How Excited Should You be for Percy Harvin?

Percy announced via Twitter (we assume) that he’s back in business and ready to roll. We’ll see if that means he plays against the Vikings.

In case you haven’t seen him play much, first of all, watch this video: 

In case you’re one of the .01% of people that doesn’t get excited by watching his highlights, then this article might be for you. This guy is the definition of dynamic. Notice how in most of his clips, you can’t even SEE the defender in the screen by the time he gets in the endzone.

That’s called separation. And there’s no amount of preparation you can do for that.

Still not convinced? Okay then.

Let’s go over his accolades:

  • 2009 Offensive Player of the Year. 2009 Rookie of the Year. 2009 All Pro team.
  • 2010 Pro Bowl.
  • 2011 Front runner for MVP considerations, before he got hurt.

Set the Vikings all time record for most all purpose yards in a season.

So needless to say, the guy is productive, as well as explosive. In 3 years in the league, he’s been one of the most feared and productive all around talents.

Here’s some concerns I’ve heard.

He is injury prone. Not entirely true. Not relatively speaking anyway. Percy Harvin has played 3 years in this league. He missed half of last year due to an ankle issue, and a couple of games due to migraine headaches (which have now been remedied). Then this year happened of course. We can’t call him injury prone just yet because its not a big enough sample size.

And that’s ignoring the fact that the NFL is a very rough and dangerous game. Injuries happen all the time.

He is basically another Golden Tate. Probably won’t help us that much.

Not a very intelligent comment. Let me elaborate. First off-let’s assume he is another Golden Tate. What would be so wrong with that? Are you saying if we had 5 Golden Tate’s lined up at WR, you wouldn’t take that?

Secondly-he is not a Golden Tate clone. Though they are similar in size, that’s pretty much where the comparison stops. Golden is more elusive, but Harvin has much faster straight line speed and acceleration. Golden does have explosiveneess, but Harvin is on another level.

Lastly-they play 2 different positions. Tate is more of an “Z” guy, or split end. Basically he lines up on the outside. Harvin is more of a slot receiver….and can even line up in the backfield alongside Russell Wilson. Even more, Harvin mostly returns kickoffs, and Tate is a punt returner, so there is no overlap there.

A Tate/Harvin duo can co-habitate in peace.

He gets paid too much. Could be another Branch/Houshmandzadeh. 

People should stop worrying about what happened in the past. Those free agent/trade wide receiver busts were a different time, a different regime. We have a regime in place with guys that know what they are doing. John Schneider and Pete Carroll would not have given the Vikings so much if they didn’t know about this guys special abilities. I mean, this guy was an MVP candidate with CHRISTIAN PONDER….what is he going to do with one Russell Wilson?

To conclude-let’s enjoy the Percy show. We need a new name for the Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and Percy Harvin combo….perhaps, the Legion of Zoom??

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