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Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings Recap

The debut of Percy Harvin has come and gone. What started out as a rumble, ended with a bang. I personally was disappointed that they decided not to introduce Percy Harvin in the offensive unit starting lineup. Would have been a perfect way to introduce him to the fans. I could tell the typical ovation for Russell Wilson at the end wasn’t as loud as it usually is, because I think people were anticipating the Percy introduction.

But Doug Baldwin came out with a Filipino flag to support the efforts to help out the Philippines so we’re all square.

In typical Seahawk fashion, they let the mediocre team hang around them for a little bit, before they decided to bust the game open. In my opinion, what separates great teams from decent teams, is their ability to “turn it on”, when it matters most. In basketball, great teams like the Miami Heat, the Lakers of the past decade, the Bulls of the 90’s, all could turn it on whenever they wanted to. They typically played their best in the 4th quarter, but also played well at the end of quarters/halves.

The Hawks are the same way…just like in Atlanta, they found a way to stick a dagger in the Vikings before the half, to give them something to think about. The feeling in the Vikings locker room must’ve been “Damn, we played these guys tough for 30 minutes, and we’re down 24-13?” It’s a testament to how great this team is, and how much control they have over their opponents.

Players of the game:

-Russell Wilson was sublimely amazing. Let’s take that great flip pass away for a second. RW threw for 230 yards on 18 attempts. He averaged 12.7 yards per attempt, and was 13-18 for 72%. To put that into perspective, if Russell Wilson attempted as many passes as his elite QB counterparts, Brees and Manning, who attempted 40 and 43 passes respectively, Russell Wilson would have had about 382 to 420 yards passing. (oh and about 3-4 touchdowns to boot).

One day, when the offense is based solely on his passing, this guy is going to put up Brees like numbers consistently.

Check out these numbers:

Russell Wilson #1 in #NFL in PFF’s QB Deep passing rating. 59.0% Accuracy 22/39 702 yards 8 TD’s 2 INT’s 14.2 Att.% (Targets > 20yds)
11/18/13 1:01 PM

In layman’s terms, that means when Russell throws the ball far, he does very good.

-Percy Harvin is that dude. The nickname of “the Matrix” should not have been wasted on Shawn Marion.

-KJ Wright is the guy that stood out to me most this game on defense. Bobby Wagner also had a very good game, but KJ shut out AP for the most part.

-Walter Thurmond is showing that their might be life after Browner.

-Adrian Peterson is my favorite non-Seahawk player. Class act, great guy, and great football player.

-Perhaps the biggest story is the return of our starting offensive line. Okung hasn’t been treated very well overall by Seattle fans, but I hope people seriously appreciate him now. Russell Wilson just seemed SOOO much more comfortable in the pocket with big Russ Okung on his left side. He is a franchise left tackle who should not be underestimated. Big shout out to Breno as well.

-Oh and the Niners lost to the Saints. Meaning that the Seahawks can effectively win the division by winning just 3 of their next 5 games. That’s assuming the Niners would also win out. It’s looking more and more likely that the road to the superbowl in the NFC must go through Seattle….although there’s still a lot of football to be played. If our guys take care of business, there’s no reason not to think so.

Oh and Niners tears taste so, so sweet….

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