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Win now….don’t worry, be happy

A lot of talk has been made amongst Seahawks fans about “keeping the band together”. I heard a quote that I”m pretty sure I’ve used before, but I’m going to use it again: Pete Carroll’s team is so deep he needs a snorkel.

Fact is-there is so much talent on this team, that with the NFL player bargaining agreement structured the way it is, it would be impossible to keep this team together for very long. And then we think about our future and the sadness that comes with losing some of our favorite players. It will only be downhill after this year.


Well, I wouldn’t worry just yet.

Hawkblogger has a great article about the 5 year outlook of the Seattle Seahawks.

This article should lead you to believe that the core of the team should be together at least 2 or 3 more years. True, we might lose a Walter Thurmond III, a Cliff Avril, a Tony McDaniel, or (gasp) even a Golden Tate or Brandon Browner. Just keep in mind-the “core” of the team is still these guys: Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Russell Okung….everyone else “borders” on being a core guy, and being a guy that is very good…but possibly replaceable.

It’s also important to know how much each player makes. One thing to note is that in the NFL, that people seem to forget, is that just because a player is scheduled to make X amount of money over a period of time, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to get it. Some worry that Percy Harvin is an overpaid player considering he’s not a 6’5 catching beast like Megatron, and that he’s too injury prone to be dependable. Well, if Percy does get injured in that scenario, he won’t be making as much money as he is scheduled to.

This is KEY because a lot of guys are making money right now that they probably shouldn’t, and won’t be making in the future. The reason this is significant is because you can renegotiate a guys contract if he’s not playing well (in other words, decrease their salary) and give it to another guy who is performing over expectations.

Not to throw guys under the bus….but if I have to…

  • Zach Miller makes $11 million a year. Zach is a solid player, but he’s not $11 million solid. Reneg!
  • Red Bryant makes 7.6 million this year. A bad-ass attitude and making a run stopping play every once in a while is not enough to give him that kind of money. In my opinion. Reneg!
  • Sidney Rice is making 8.5 million a year. At that price, you can get a player a lot more durable and trustworthy than Rice. I like Rice, he’s a pro. But he hasn’t shown he can be a consistent WR1 or WR2. Reneg!

Some guys that probably aren’t making what they are truly worth:

  • Doug Baldwin is getting $550,000 a year. It’s better than making 550,000 pesos, but its still not worthy of what this guy brings to the team. Pay the man!
  • Brandon Browner is a pro-bowler…and 1/4 of the vaunted Legion of Boom. He’s making $555,000. That’s not very boom like. Pay the man!
  • Golden Tate is making $630,000 and is going to be a free agent this summer. I really, really hope that the Seahawks find a way to retain him, as he is an explosive player who seems to get better every year. Pay the man!

Lastly-and possibly most importantly, we have Russell freakin Wilson on a rookie contract for at least 2 more years. Russell Wilson makes around $655,000 a year. Considering Russell Wilson is a top 5 quarterback in the league (at least statistically, as well as my own opinion) that is a steal of epic proportions.

For you basketball heads, that would be like paying Chris Paul a rookie contract. I wonder what kind of team you could build around CP3 if he were making minimum wage? Exactamundo (I promise that’s the last time I use that word).

Oh, and one other note-keep in mind we still the evil genius John Schneider, and football God Pete Carroll. These guys have been plucking diamonds out of the rough for years now building this team, and there’s no reason to think that it was anything else but pure football brilliance….not blind luck.

So let’s relax and watch this team. It might be a small window that we get to enjoy watching them play together, but there’s also hope that things could get brighter in the future.

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