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Saints. Seahawks. Monday Night Football. Kind of a Big Deal.

Often times we add hyperbole and overhype sporting events to build drama, and add an already tense suspension to what is already (in my opinion) the best real life drama in the world.

Monday Night Football’s game pitting the 9-2 New Orleans Saints against the 10-1 Seattle Seahawks promises to be one of the biggest football spectacles this season. And for Monday Night Football, they return to the scene of the crime from a previous outing in which a certain “fail mary” play occurred. (I still say it was a good call…but that’s probably just me being a Seahawks fan).

We have all the storylines we could possibly hope for in a match against two teams with not much history or rivalry.

Midget quarterback vs. midget quarterback.

The impressive offensive repertoire of the Saints vs. the Legion of Boom (minus one member).

The speed of the Saints vs. the power game of the Hawks.

The cool and reserved, and ready for redemption Sean Payton vs. the gum-chewin, way too enthusiastic for his age Pete Carroll.

The brash, trash-talking Beastquake Seahawks versus the good guy saviors of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Saints.

Is that enough storylines for you? How about a storyline that actually matters. The Seahawks can nearly lock up the #1 seed in the NFC should they beat the Saints on Monday night. Because they are already a game ahead of the Saints, and would own the tiebreaker if they should win, they would essentially be 3 games ahead with 4 games remaining on their schedule. That would leave their magic number at 2…any combination of 2 Seahawks wins or Saints losses would be that the rest of the NFC would have to go through Seattle to reach the Superbowl.

Let that seep in for a moment.

Ahhhh….now on the flipside, should the Saints win, that would make the picture a lot more muddy. The Saints win, and they would be tied with the Seahawks, with the tiebreaker belonging to the Saints. Luckily for the Seahawks, I think the Saints schedule is slightly tougher than the Seahawks the last 4 games. The Saints play Carolina twice, at the Rams and at home vs. an improving Bucs team. The Seahawks go to San Fran, New York Giants, and then a home/home against the Rams and Cards. The Seahawks would need to hope during that stretch that the Saints would lose one more game than they did during that stretch.

This game is as big as you can get for being a regular season game. I don’t have to tell any football fan what home field advantage means in the playoffs, especially for these two teams.

The Seahawks will be without some of their best players this game….Percy Harvin, Brandon Browner, and Walter Thurmond III. However I don’t believe it will make much difference in the outcome of this game. I don’t expect the Seahawks to cover, but I think they will win. They know how much this game means to them. They remember having to play on the road against a tough Atlanta team last year, and they do not want to take anything for granted this season.

They want this game badly, but so do the Saints.

But let’s keep in perspective, that even though this game is huge, it doesn’t mean the end of the world for either team should they lose. I am worried about the Seahawks unravelling a bit. The drug suspensions, Tate going Tate on the Legion of Boom, and the news that Percy Harvin is doubtful to play, sets us up for a stumble or two down the road. Sometimes bye weeks really suck..

I will be there Monday night as usual, screaming at the top of my lungs. Let’s hope they bring this one home and give us a season to remember.


Other Notes:

  • Harvin’s hip is a cause for concern. But let’s put into perspective what he means for this team in the playoffs. We need Harvin in January, not necessarily in December.
  • I did not like Tate’s calling out of Browner/WT3 one bit this last week. In case you missed it, Tate called Browner and Thurmond “selfish” for their drug test results….threatening their season. While Seahawks fans generally agree with this statement, and have the right to do so, I don’t think Tate did anyone ANY favors by calling them out in public. You handle that in the locker room, not in the media. To be honest, I’m more worried about the friction that Tate has potentially caused in the locker room, more than the suspensions of 2 guys. I have been a Tate supporter through, but if this is the kind of crap he’s going to pull, please don’t sign me up for having him on board for the long haul.
  • Russell Wilson gets a chance to study his idol, Drew Brees. I think Brees is the best case scenario for our future quarterback, and don’t think for a moment that that is a bad thing. Brees holds the all-time passing yards record in a season, and is a maestro on offense. You might say that RW3’s potential is bigger, and it could be…but keep in mind still that Brees will go down as one of the greats. I will take that every time.


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