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The Seahawks manhandled the Saints last monday night, in what many thought was going to be a relatively close game. The Seahawks pounded the Saints in almost every aspect of the game…shutting their offense down to less than 200 yards of offense, and only 7 points to show for it.

On the offensive side, the Saints failed miserably in stopping what should be priority #1, containing Russell Wilson. I understand that defensive Saints coach Rob Ryan didn’t want a “Beastquake 2.0” scenario, but as a defensive coordinator, his primary target should have been #3.

All the talk after the game was about how Russell Wilson should be in the MVP discussion. And he should be.

I’m just pissed that it’s taken this long for people to figure it out.

Russell Wilson now has 22 touchdowns against 6 interceptions, is throwing for 2672 yards, and by the way…has his team 11-1. All this after losing 3/5 of his starting line for most of the season. Anyone who’s watched this guy this whole season, like I have, sees the little things Russell Wilson does every single game to help his team win. Things that might not necessarily blow you away on the stat sheet. He will turn sure -10 yard sacks into 5 yard gains.

I’m happy for Hustlin’ Russ though. He’s finally get some national attention, and I think ESPN is on the cusp of getting ready to have his baby (take a number ESPN). And while people around here will pretend not to care what ESPN, or any other media outlet thinks of us, let’s be real for a second. We watch this game to gain respect. We want respect for the rest of the nation… recognize our team’s achievements and our community support for him. For the Seahawks-of course they love the attention. They want to be respected. And now-we are finally getting it.

Other notes from the game:

  • The funniest moment from Monday Night, for me….was the “City comparison” segment between Seattle and New Orleans at Century Link Field. In case you aren’t familiar/haven’t been to a Seahawks game this year, the Seahawks have a “city comparison” between Seattle and the opposing teams city played on the big screen during commercial breaks. For example: They will compare the city birds of New Orleans, a pelican, which will draw boos from the crowd, with the Seattle bird, an osprey “Seahawk”, which will draw loud cheers.  However last Monday they did “Best vampire movies”. For New Orleans, they showed “Interview with a Vampire”, which predictably drew some boos, but when they showed “Twilight” for Seattle’s, there was a very loud chorus of boos. Very very funny moment.
  • Okay perhaps the funnier than funniest moment was Ed Hochuli, the head referee….trying to explain why the Saints were not called for a delay of game penalty late in the game. If you missed it: Okay Did he just say that? I’m sure he meant “Switching our balls” but it definitely sounded like Stretching. That’s what everyone in the stadium heard as well…as I could see rows of people around me laughing. You gotta love Ed Hochuli.
  • KJ Wright was the best defensive player on the field for the Seahawks. He swallowed up everything that came his way. He is a tackle machine.
  • Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril are paying HUGE dividends for the Seahawks. Two key free agents are paying off big time…making John Schneider look even better than he already has. These guys could be the difference between the Seahawks being a good team, to a great one.
  • As a season ticket holder, I get asked all the time about the “loudness” of certain games. In terms of this game, it was just as loud as any other game I’ve been to….although the San Francisco game was more consistently loud. I hardly sat against the Saints, but I don’t think we ever sat against the Niners. I guess hate breeds passion.
  • Last note-I’m done competing for the world record for crowd noise. I think everyone gets it by now. We are loud. We don’t need to keep proving how loud we are.

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