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Seahawks Lose…and the World Goes On


I love to talk smack to 49ers fans, but always in a fun and non-personal way. Fact is, I love the city of San Francisco, and wish that Seattle was a little more “San Franciscan” sometimes. But when it comes to our sports teams, especially football, there is no love lost. The Seahawks-49ers rivalry is becoming Must-See TV…and we’re talking about mid-90’s, Seinfeld and Friends era.

The Seahawks lost to the Niners last Sunday, but the fact is, this loss really didn’t bother me much at all. Disappointed? Maybe.

Hurt? Angry? Envious? Not in the least.

The Seattle Seahawks have lost exactly three times in 2013. The first was one of the most gut-wrenching loss I have ever experienced in my professional Seahawk following life. It was a 30-28 loss to Atlanta in the playoffs, and the Seahawks lost in the most heart-breaking way possible. A last minute field goal after a historic comeback in what was supposed to be the year the Seahawks snuck up and put on the glass slipper to be the next Cinderella.

The 2nd loss was to a Colts team that was just a good old fashioned shoot out. It was Andrew Luck vs. Russell Wilson in a battle of the young QB’s. The loss hurt, but softened by the fact the Seahawks would go on a 7 game winning streak after that. You can’t win them all, after all. Nor would you want to. Ask the Patriots and Tom Brady.

The last loss was on Sunday. Now, I’m not going to take away from the 49ers win, or be blind to any issues the Seahawks had, but let’s put this loss into proper perspective:

  1. If you said that after week 13 against the 49ers, the Seahawks would be 11-2, with 3 games to go against the Giants, Cardinals and Rams…controlling their own destiny and needing only 2 games to clinch the #1 seed in the playoffs….every Seahawk fan would have signed, sealed and delivered that deal.
  2. The 49ers were desperate for a win to stay in the playoff hunt, and the Seahawks merely would have liked to win to clinch the NFC West. Say what you will about the “1-0” mentality, but its only human to not give your best effort. How do I know the Seahawks did not give their all-out effort? If they had, you would have seen Wilson do a lot more running to keep drives alive. That’s a pretty good indicator of their effort level. When Wilson runs for 2 yards, you know they were simply not risking putting their franchise QB out there for injury.
  3. As it is, the Seahawks nearly pulled out a win against the desperate 49ers team. The only thing this really confirmed for me is this: When the 49ers play their BEST (and this was their best game of the season, I have watched most of their games this season) and the Seahawks play average, the 49ers can squeak out a win on their home field turf. I have no doubt who would win should they play a 3rd game in the playoffs.
  4. If you think from a sports psychology perspective, I actually think this loss could help the Seahawks should these teams meet again. Beating a team 3 times in a row…especially one as good as San Francisco, is not an easy task. At least this loss gives the Seahawks a reality check…that they will need to play better to beat this team. Make no mistake, I believe the Seahawks are a much better, more talented and deeper team. 
  5. Let’s be honest…if the Seahawks would have won that game, you might as well punch your tickets to New York for the Superbowl now. If they can beat one of the better NFC teams at their place with not much to play for, what are they going to do to these teams at our place in January? By the way-noise records aside, the playoffs are going to be CRAZY at Century Link Field. 

I think most Seahawks fans have this same perspective, and have already moved on to thinking about the Giants, and whether or not we’ll get to see Percy Harvin. Our biggest concern is the potential loss of KJ Wright, who was really becoming one of our best linebackers. Only 49er fans really cared about this game. They needed something to validate their sub-par season to date…and this was the game, if they don’t do much this year, that they needed to feel good about themselves. So have at it San Fran, enjoy your week in the spotlight.

Just remember, the Seahawks have it better than you….and will so for the foreseeable future.

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