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It’s only appropriate that the Seahawks crushed the New York Giants on a week in which Jay Z came to Seattle to strike the deal with Robinson Cano and the Mariners. New York fans must not be drinking some Seattle hate right about now, as the Seahawks put it on the Giants, 23-0. 

Much has been made about the Seahawks “road woes” over the years, but this team is showing that they can be the kind of road warriors that Hawk and Animal can be proud of. 6-2 on the road, and 5-1 in 10:00 am games. If the Seahawks are an “average” road team like some out there like to say, than the rest of the league must really suck away from home. 

What makes this Hawks team much better on the road this year than last year? Lot’s of different factors, but let’s count a few:

  • Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril additions have been huge. Chris Clemons has struggled a bit this year, but Bennett and Avril have stepped up in a huge way, creating pass pressure that we haven’t seen from this Hawks team in a while. 
  • Russell Wilson is simply better this year. 
  • Dan Quinn, the new defensive coordinator, is much more aggressive with his plays calls. He plays more man to man defense, and on the road, you sometimes need to be more aggressive to make things happen. 
  • The rest of the Legion of Boom is better. Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, and Richard Sherman have all stepped up their game even more so than last year. That makes it tough for teams at home to pass against these ball Hawks. 

At this point, it would be a HUGE upset if the Seahawks did not go to the Superbowl, let’s be honest. Anything less than a trip to New York in January is going to be supremely disappointing, and this team has yet to prove they can live up to their lofty expectations. I have a buddy who’s already even purchased his trip to New York in January. That is confidence right there….but hey…who is beating the Hawks at home?

Here’s the thing: The Seahawks pass the eyeball test. When you consider the talent assembled on this roster, this team looks like a Super bowl champions. I’m not saying that they will win it (although obviously that is the hope and goal, but there’s still a lot of games to play) but they have all the makings of what it takes to win. 

In case you weren’t aware, the Seahawks defense is good. I mean real good. I wanna be friends with it. 

Couple that defense with not just a good offense. Not necessarily an efficient offense. But this is an EXPLOSIVE offense. They are designed for big plays, and it seems the offense has taken the brash, confident persona of their defense. 

The Seahawks had 5 interceptions against Eli Manning and the Giants. Byron Maxwell looks even better than Brandon Browner, sorry to say, which just goes to show you how good Pete’s coaching staff really is. They just find guys out of nowhere. I challenge any team to show us their 4th and 5th cornerbacks and have them match up against Maxwell and Lane. Nope, sorry…these guys could probably start on 2/3 of the rest of the league. 

The Seahawks host the Arizona Cardinals next week in a game which the Cards need to stay alive in the playoff hunt, and the Hawks would like to wrap up not only the NFC West, but the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs. I expect the Cardinals to come out fighting but it won’t be enough. The Seahawks are too good, too explosive, and too hungry to let them steal a win. 

The Seahawks are looking to come back to New York very soon…but to do that, they’ll need to live by the motto of their young fearless leader, Russell Wilson: “Just go 1-0 every week”. 

The Seahawks can see their destiny and are fully in control of it. 

Other notes:

Player of the game: Byron Maxwell. Maxie must’ve felt a little picked on last week. Eli tried to pick on him again, but this time Maxwell proved he’s more than capable of being a member of the legion of boom. 

Underrated players of the game: I want to start rating the guys who don’t show up much on the stat sheet, or even in the game….until you look close at the things they did to put together a solid game. 

Kam Chancellor played very well. Delivering some big hits, and basically intimidating the Giants WR’s all day. 

Michael Bennett was a force in the pass rush. He was constantly in Eli’s face all day. He needs to stop with those gross TD celebrations though. TMI Mike, TMI. 

Dougie Fresh…Doug Baldwin. He has just been solid all season. He and Wilson have developed a very nice rapport. Way to represent for Filipino’s Doug. 

Steven Haushka. Perfect again…not much needs to be said!

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