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Seahawks Fans Coming Out in Full Force

This post is intended for non Seattle Seahawks fans. However, if you’re a Seahawk fan, you may want to stick around just to see if you agree or disagree.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but there are a LOT more Seahawks fans showing up in force. Seahawks fans are showing their faces, finally in such cities as Arizona, New York, San Francisco….and I’m sure if we had a game in friggin’ Trinidad and Tobago, we would be there too.

So WTF? Where are all these fans coming from, and why are they only showing up now? NFL fans must feel that Seahawks fans are like those giant worms from Tremors (a good movie to use in the Kevin Bacon game), coming out of nowhere and devouring the souls of hardcore NFL fans who are used to seeing the Steelers, Cowboys, and Patriots dominate the NFL landscape.

Well I can offer a few explanations. First of all, let me be clear-I have no problem with bandwagon Seahawks fans. I just ask that they represent us well, and they stay on…per my previous article about them.

1. The Seattle Seahawks have a pretty awesome team. If you can get past the brash personalities of guys like Richard Sherman (a lot of people can’t), you might realize that this is a seriously talented team that is fun to watch. You can let your inner hater disagree with that if you want, but you know when there’s a 49er/Seahawks matchup, there’s almost nothing better in football right now. People love to watch hard hitting, physical teams that can also put points up on the board.

There’s not a funner running back to watch than Marshawn Lynch.

It’s truly entertaining watching a vertically challenged quarterback zip his way through 300 pound monster and hurl lasers downfield like he was the non-baseball, non-Japanese second Seattle coming of Ichiro.

A team that is fun to watch is naturally going to attract some new followers.

2. Regional Support. There are a lot of people with ties to Seattle. Seattle is the 13th largest market in the US, but more importantly, has a reach that extends well outside of Seattle. Vancouver BC is the biggest factor. There are over 600,000 people in the Vancouver BC limits, and over 4 million in the British Columbia region. And they are almost all Seahawks fans. It is estimated that 10% of Seahawks fans that attends games at Century Link Field are Canadians. That’s a pretty large percentage given the fact that Vancouver is over 2 hours away from Seattle.

Seattle is over 800 miles from the next NFL city, San Francisco. That’s a lot of US land. I’m still not quite sure how Oregonians feel about the Seahawks. It might be a little too “Husky-ish” for them to truly approve. Since there are a couple of Ducks on the team (Max Unger and Walter Thurmond), I would guess about half the state roots for the Hawks and the other half for the 49ers.

And then you have the Idaho’s, Montana’s, Utah’s, etc..

What this all adds up to is that there are a lot of “regional” fans outside of Seattle itself, and of course those people extend to other parts of the country.

3. Cinderella story. Simply put, the Seahawks have been a doormat of the NFL for so long. I always root for underdogs when my team isn’t in it, so I think its natural for the average fan to want to root for the team to win their first ring.

4. Russell Wilson. I thought I’d be able to get through an entire article without mentioning him…but he IS the Seattle Seahawks. He represents the Seahawks, and he’s a difficult guy to dislike. He does a lot for charity as many people are aware, is great with the media, and as mentioned before, is just fun to watch.

5. We are traveling! I know of a few people personally who made it to Arizona for the Cardinals game, and to New York for the Giants game (one of whom, Charlie Hustle, writes for Seattle Slew). There is a huge buzz around this team, so people are simply traveling out to support their team. Many in this city feel this is the year, so they are savoring every moment of every game.

There’s some talk out there about Seattle fans being “annoying”. Well, I can’t speak for every fan, but if annoying means that we show support for our team, then so be it. We know our team isn’t perfect, and we know we haven’t won anything yet….but if we can cheer for and be excited about our team, what’s the point of watching football?

Seahawks fans are coming out in massive numbers, and the rest of the NFL is just going to have to get used to us. We are passionate, and want to represent our team well. Now we just need a song. We’re open to suggestions.

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