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Century Link Field was about as quiet as I’ve ever heard it last Sunday. Wait, didn’t we just beat this team 58-0 last year? Huh? How? Whaaaa?

The Seahawks lost a game on Sunday in a matter which no one could have predicted. Carson Palmer threw 4 interceptions, and the Seahawks still Coug’d it. Okay that might be harsh, Arizona is a good team. But clearly, the focus of the problems were squared on 2 units specifically…the offense and Special teams.

Seriously guys?

Before I go on a tangent about how the Seahawks lost the game….let me just remind my Hawk nation, that we shouldn’t be overly concerned about our Superbowl aspirations at this point. The Seahawks were not simply going to coast their way to a Superbowl win, and frankly, I’d rather struggle now than in the playoffs.

Another quick reminder: I have been to every Seahawks game this season. Last Sunday felt like a “nice to have” type of game. Meaning, the crowd wasn’t as fired up as it usually is, and I don’t believe it to be a good indicator of what’s to come. Playoff games at the CLink are an out of body experience, and I don’t believe any team will beat us at home. That said, the 12th man needs to bring “it” on Sunday to win against the Rams.

Having said that-we have some things to work on. Level of concern on a scale of 1-10.

Running game: 7, “Is this bad?” The running game has looked bad over the past 3 games now..and the Beast has looked tame at times. Not that I’m seeing many holes for him open up. We were running so well the first 3/4 of the season, and now it looks like we are running into a brick wall every play.

Passing game: 5. “I suppose we can stop the MVP chants“. Russell Wilson isn’t playing as well as he usually is, but I don’t expect that to continue. He will bounce back because if you haven’t heard….he doesn’t sleep.

Special Teams: 2 “You mean Haushka is not a robot?” Good ol’ Steve shanked a gimme field goal in the 2nd quarter that could have given the Seahawks the lead at halftime. Big momentum swing and bummer after a great interception by Malcolm Smith.

This is one of the games that sucks now…but it might be a blessing in disguise. You don’t a team feeling like they are impervious in the playoffs. You want a team to stay hungry, stay sharp, and stay focused. The road to the Superbowl won’t be easy, at all….so the Seahawks gotta put the hard hats on, summon up other cliches to get themselves past this.

Lastly, since I’m still angry and frustrated from last week’s game, I thought I’d rant on some things that Century Link Field needs to change for the fan experience at the game. They’ve done a pretty good job overall, but there are some things that are a bit annoying.

-Bittersweet Symphony. The Seahawks need a new anthem. When they play bittersweet symphony, all I can think of is the 2005 season, Mike Holmgren, Tim Ruskell and a much softer team that almost won the Superbowl. Hey by the way, doesn’t bittersweet mean something that’s both good and bad? Not the kind of “Win Forever” mentality we are going for here guys….let’s make a change!

-12th man flag raiser. Okay, I know we can’t get Paul Allen every week, but we really need some better and bigger celebs to raise that flag. We have a lot of local celebrities in this city, and a lot of ex-athletes. I don’t mind the war hero’s of course, but please stop with the guy who grew up in Bremerton, went to the Olympics, but no one has ever heard of until today.

-Stop the piped in “WIL-SON” chant. It’s not catching on…and I actually give Seahawks fans a lot of credit for that. They pipe in this chant when the offense takes the field…but the thing is…we’re supposed to be quiet when the offense takes the field…not chanting our QB’s name, which really sounds more like a taunt.

-Stop with the stupid Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Anyone who’s been to a game this year knows what I’m talkin about. And agrees.

-What happened to the giveaways? The Seahawks make a bajillion dollars off this city and its fanbase. The least they could do is give a towel, a hat, a poster, SOMETHING at the games. C’mon MAN!

Okay I’m done venting. That actually helped a little bit. Now all the Hawks need to do is win this Sunday to restrain me from taking up candle making as my new favorite past time.

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