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The Seahawks Secret Weapons for Saturday

Just a quick post…if you’re an opposing Saints fan, here are some Seahawk players you will need to be aware of. No doubt Sean Payton and his crew have been studying these guys through and through. These are the guys that don’t make the headlines, or get into verbal sparring matches with Skip Bayless on ESPN, they just get the job done and are very effective in their roles.

1. DT #92 Brandon Mebane. Brandon Mebane is a run-stuffing bulldozer of a man. He’s got the lower body strength of a mule, and he’s got hands like granite slabs. Not much has been made of Brandon Mebane this year from a national perspective…because he’s not a 6-5 monster like say, a Warren Sapp. He doesn’t strike fear in you like a Justin Smith, or have the personality of a BJ Raji. What Mebane is though, is unmovable. I’ve watched a lot of Seahawk game film, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Mebane on the ground, unless it was for a tackle. He stays on his feet, moves the offensive line the way he wants it to, and gets into the backfield and disrupts runs more often than not.

The weather report calls for 100% chance of rain and heavy wind (really? 100%? There’s not even a small chance it couldn’t rain on Saturday) so if the Saints hope to establish any sort of ground game, it would be wise of them to focus their attention on big # 92.

2. DC Dan Quinn. Okay this isn’t a player, but our new defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn, is the biggest difference between the Seahawks defense this year as opposed to last year. Contrary to what many believe, the Seahawks did not play a lot of “press coverage” last year, preferring to go with what is called a cover 3. This year, the Seahawks are in your face, aggressive, and blitz often. The Saints would be wise to mix up their play calling and try to throw off the #1 defense in the league.

3. Byron Maxwell, Jeremy Lane, and Walter Thurmond. By now you know Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, and Richard Sherman (why do I feel a Rudolph theme song coming on), but do you know the other members of the legion of BOOM? You should…these so-called backups, who would be starters on any other NFL team, play a huge role in the teams success. Lane and Thurmond are true “slot-nickel” corners with the quickness to stay with the quicker Saints WR’s, and Maxwell can cover every bit as effectively as the guy he replaced, Brandon Browner.

4. #89 WR Doug Baldwin-Dougie Fresh gets overshadowed nationally due to his much more outspoken, polarizing counterpart in Golden Tate. But looking at their numbers, Doug had a year very similar to Golden. Baldwin is a guy that runs clean routes, has amazing hands, and can make circus catches on the sidelines. He’s a guy that just gets open. When its 3rd and long, you can count on Doug to be the guy that Russell focuses on to convert.

5. #11 WR Percy Harvin-Yes a lot has been made of Percy this week, so its hard to call him a secret weapon. But I do…and that’s because the kind of things this guy can do will shock people that quickly forgot how good he really is. This is one of the best players in the entire league when healthy, and the latest news from Seattle Seahawk central is that he is fully practicing and expecting to play.

He is fast….yes. But more than that, he is electrifyingly fast. What do I mean by that? Well, picture a fastball thrown by a pitcher. Let’s say he throws 97 mph. Yes that’s pretty fast, but with no movement on it, big league hitters can turn on it. But when you see guys like Felix Hernandez throw a fastball, its got some movement to it. Some LIFE.

That’s what it’s like when Percy runs. It’s not just straight line speed, its multi-angled speed. He can change directions without losing much on his top end speed, which is why he so good at kick returns. There’s really only 3 guys that I can think of that have this kind of ability….DeSean Jackson, D’Anthony Thomas, and Percy Harvin.

All for now….more to come as we approach Seahawk Saturday. Go Hawks.

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