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In Russ I Trust

Just a short blurb today…I hope to have a new blog post every day this week leading up to the big game. I can’t tell you how hard it is to get stuff done at work. Last week was bad, this week is much worse. Can you imagine if we went to the Superbowl, what that week will be like?

And uhh…if any of my fellow employees or employer is watching this, I’m totally kidding, and I’m working like a madman.

A lot has been made about Russell Wilson and the lack of offensive efficiency not only the last game, but the last 4 or 5 games. In his first 12 games this season, Russy averaged 222.6 yards per game, 65% of his passes. He balled out for 22 touchdowns with just six interceptions over that stretch.

Since Seattle’s first victory over the Saints in week 13, Russell has been playing, dare I say it, Kaepernick-like. 

In the last four games of the regular season and last week’s game against New Orleans, Russ has completed just 56% of his passes and thrown for just 157.6 yards per game. He also threw 3 picks in that time.

So in the immortal words of Albert Einstein, WTF? Have defenses figured him out? Is he finally having a sophomore slump? Does he suddenly realize he’s only 5’10 and change?

Well if it means anything to you, Pete Carroll has said he’s not worried. He thought Wilson played great last week, and expects him to play great again.

As for me-well, I was pretty down on Wilson after the last game. As big a homer as I am, I had to admit his performance is concerning.

But then I rewatched the game.

First of all, let tell you how unbelievably cold, wet and windy it was out there. Tailgating was a mess. Our little gazebo barely stood up against the swirling winds and heavy rain. I’ve never seen 20 guys huddled so close together before….I guess, unless you count a football game.

It’s very difficult to throw a football in. Imagine throwing a whiffle ball to a receiver 20 yards away. That’s what its like. Even Drew Brees admitted afterwards the wind had a pretty significant impact on his throws. My noodle arm isn’t the same as those guys, but it still played a signficant factor.

That excuse aside, Wilson actually did not play as bad as I originally thought. First of all-let’s keep three big things in mind: A: He did not turn the ball over. In those conditions, that should be emphasized. B: We won the game. Ugly? Yeah-Rosie O’Donnell level. But we won nonetheless. and C: He made the huge clutch throw WHEN HE HAD TO.

What I saw for the most part-he had a few guys open at times, but its really hard to second guess a guy when you’re playing a game at that speed. People are quick to point out open guys on film, but understand that RW has split seconds to react. An NFL QB averages about 4 seconds in the pocket before he has to get rid of it. His receivers need to get open. This has been talked to death, but it’s really pretty simple…they need to beat their guy.

He actually made some amazing plays…but because we are so used to Wilson being who he is…we ho-hummed like it was no big thang. He had a great escape from the pocket to an improvised throw to Kearse in the 2nd quarter, a great scramble for 7 yards in the 2nd when he looked like he was going to get sacked, and did a reverse field going from the right, all the way to the left, and threw a ball that Percy Harvin probably should’ve caught in the back of the endzone…the one that caused his second concussion.

The pass protection was pretty solid all night, especially considering how a very rotund Rob Ryan and the Saints like to blitz, and play dirty like the bountygate hunters that they are…










Overall-I would say the biggest issue with the passing game, at least in the last game, has simply been the lack of taking chances downfield. I’m pretty sure the wind had a lot to do with it though….and considering how good the running game was, they really didn’t need an especially efficient passing attack.

I would love for the Russell we saw against the Falcons come in full form once again…the guy who threw for 400 yards, was scrambling around the open field, and dissecting defenses with his feet. The reality is that we’ve gone against some very tough defenses. The Saints are not a soft defense any longer, and they were #4 in the league in scoring defense, right behind the Niners.

I do think Russ can take a little more chances this week. What I mean by that is throw a few more deep balls, scramble out of the pocket to get some extra yards, and keep the ball every once in a while on the read option. At the very least, he needs to keep that ball just to keep the defense honest. The Saints did not respect his running, and I felt he could’ve burned them a few times.

But here’s the great thing about Russell Wilson….he already knows all of this. Does anyone seriously doubt Russell Wilson’s determination, will and understanding of the game? He’s probably up right now (it’s midnight) watching game film and kicking himself for plays he could’ve made in hindsight.

While I am still slightly concerned about the offense as a whole, especially going up against another tough defense, but I believe Russell Wilson will have a great game. He will win the game for us in one way or another. This is the moment he relishes…when people start to doubt him, and he just focuses that much harder on proving everyone wrong, and confirming his belief in his abilities.

In Russ I Trust

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