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My Last Thoughts-NFC Championship

This has officially been the longest week ever. After spending countless hours on the internet, twitter, Facebook, etc…I’ve finally digested everything I can for this game, and I am just ready to bust loose when I wake up tomorrow morning for the big game.

Earlier this week, I felt extremely confident about my Seahawks winning the big NFC championship bout against the San Francisco 49ers…mostly based on the history of CenturyLink field in the postseason, as well as how good the Seattle Seahawks have been all year long.

As the week progressed, and I listened to more and more analysis and breakdowns from “experts” in the field, and began to feel less confident. A little over half the ESPN experts have picked the Seahawks, although that’s usually not a great indicator of how the game is going to go. Then I listened to some more national perspective and I kept hearing about how good the 49ers were, and how they were going to be ready to play this game and pop the Seahawks in the mouth. Then I said “uh oh”.

But then I remembered….I really only listen to one and one opinion only when it comes to figuring out how the game is going to turn out, and that’s Las Vegas.

That’s right…these guys are the real experts because they put their money where their mouth is. It’s sports books that really analyze the game, and don’t buy into meaningless factors like how many championships the 49ers won over 20 years ago. They only care about one thing: and that’s who they believe will win, based on all the important factors that go into a football game, and by how much.

Well Vegas believes the Seahawks will win, and that’s good enough for me, and should help me sleep tonight. Vegas isn’t always right, but that’s not what Vegas is about. Vegas didn’t create the game Blackjack because they thought that you would lose your money every time, they created it so that the probability of you losing, if you played enough times, tips in their favor.

So the Seahawks have the best probability to win on Sunday, and that’s about all we can hope for at this point. Now we just play the game, and hope for the best. I’m ready to make my prediction, even though that’s something I never do. I think the Seahawks will win fairly comfortably, 23-16. Besides, would you want to bet against these guys?








Here’s a few other quick notes and thoughts:

-Percy Harvin doesn’t look to be playing…unless Pete Carroll pulls out a “gotcha” card at the last second. This is possible, because teams don’t have to announce active/inactive players until 90 minutes before the game. I don’t think he will, but let’s just say Pete is known to be unconventional. If Harvin does play, it would be huge not only for momentum, but for some explosion offensively.

Stop bitching and adapt.  Probably my favorite blog of the year. Hit the link and enjoy the article…if this doesn’t pump you up for the game, I don’t know what will.

-My wife and I went to the Justin Timberlake concert on friday, and it was almost like a Seahawks rally party. JT himself started a “Sea-Hawks!” chant in the middle of his concert

he even took a shot in honor of the 12th man. He probably does something similar at all his shows, but it made for an electric atmosphere. There were also random Seahawks chants before and after the concert….something that I don’t think I’ve ever heard at a non-sporting event before. It was awesome.

Keys to the game:

#1 Stop the run. Obviously goes without saying. If you can keep Colin Kaepernick to 3rd and long passing downs, he’s going to have a long night. The Seahawks D line is too fast and too good to allow the 49ers to sit back and throw on them downfield.

#2 Take care of the ball. You thought I was going to say run the ball on offense didn’t you? Well that’s obviously important too, but more than that, the Seahawks need to make sure not to give the 49ers any breathing room or life. Turning the ball over not only puts pressure on your defense, but gives the other team momentum.

#3 Impose our will. What do I mean by that?

This is a game of wills. It will really come down to which team can impose their will on the other? Both teams are so mentally tough, that it is difficult to rattle the other. The Seahawks can’t let the 49ers think for a moment, that they have a chance to win this game, or they just might.

The Seahawks are the better team, and are playing in front of their hometown crowd. Now they just need to seize the moment, and reward the city for being the greatest fans in the NFL. Now…I need to get some sleep and get ready for one of the biggest days in Seattle sports history.




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