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My voice is gone. My ears are still ringing. I got very little sleep, after sleeping very little the night before. I did everything in my collective power to send this team to the Superbowl, and 68,000 people did everything they could to do the same.

‘After a historic night of many great quotes, this one from Pete Carroll is probably encapsulates everything this season has been about: “Let’s not forget the relationship with the fans and this football team”.

So many emotions going through me after last night’s incredible victory. My first gut emotion is how proud and honored I am to be a part of this. For my city…the great city of Seattle, and this team, the Seattle Seahawks. 

It’s a weird thing to say about a bunch of people you’ve never met (unless you call exchanging pleasantries during mini-camp “met”), but it’s true.

First of all…let me just say this: The city of Seattle f*ckin deserves this. We’ve been through hell and back. We have put up with crap teams, poor ownerships, greedy owners, incompetent GM’s and coaches, overpaid players for so, so long. I don’t know if the Seahawks will win this Superbowl, but right now I honestly am not thinking about that yet. Because these guys have put Seattle sports on the map like no other team has ever before.

The reason I love football is because it is a game of wills. Imposing your will against your opponent is the name of the game, and no one has been able to do that better than the Seattle Seahawks this season. Forget “who wants it more”…every team wants it. The Seahawks simply say: We’ll put our best against your best and we’ll see who crumbles first.

The 49ers stood toe to toe with the Seahawks for much of the game, but in the end, we simply found out who was the better team.

This team has a boulder on their shoulder, as Doug Baldwin has mentioned, and it matches the boulder sized chip on the shoulder of the collective Seattle community. Seattle is frustrated and angry that we haven’t made much of a dent on the national stage, and our football team is taking that grief, and releasing it on the football field.

From ProFootballTalk

“It irritates the hell out of me when you have guys that constantly want to talk about our receiving corps about how, ‘We’re average. We’re pedestrian,’ ” wide receiver Doug Baldwin said, via Jim Corbett of USA Today. “Well, we’re going to walk our ass to the Super Bowl, pedestrians.”

Yup-that pretty much sums up both the city, the players and the Seahawks organization.

San Francisco 49er fans may try to belittle us, talking about how we have no championships or history to speak of. And for the most part they are right. We have never won a Superbowl, and we don’t know what its like.

But we are better because of that fact. Our city is hungry. Our team is hungry. Which do you think is more dangerous, the wolf that has eaten, or the wolf that is starving?

At least for one night, this team and the city showed who was hungrier, and who is the predator, and who is the prey.

I simply love this team.

More stuff to come all week up to the Superbowl. For now, let’s enjoy this moment. We’re going to New York.









Other quick thoughts:

-Don’t criticize Richard Sherman unless you know where he’s coming from…both literally and figuratively. He’s had a beef with Michael Crabtree going back to preseason, and from his postgame comments, Crabtree isn’t exactly innocent in this ordeal.

I’ve said it all season-players on every team trash talk. This is nothing new, and its never going anyway. So I don’t know why people are so surprised when these big time athletes do it. If you are not a fan of Richard Sherman strictly due to his trash talking, then you are also not a fan of Michael Jordan, Mohammed Ali, Larry Bird (yes that Larry Bird), or any other athlete at the top of his game that is bold enough to tell people how it is.

Just for the record, I don’t condone everything Sherman says or does, but there is certainly no need to crucify a man who is really a great, intelligent person who just happens to be very outspoken.

-Kam Chancellor gets my game ball. Simply ferocious, intimidating and lethal. It was reported that Wes Welker showed the Broncos some big hits from the NFC teams like the Seahawks and tried to tell them they have to play that way in the Superbowl. I would advise Wes that getting physical with the Seahawks defense is probably not going to turn out well for you.

-Whomever threw food at Navarro Bowman when he was being carted off the field deserves to have their season tickets voided, and be banned from CenturyLink Field for life. That is completely classless, and is an embarrassment to Seahawk fans everywhere. This makes me so sick to my stomach.

-Fans after the game stayed in the stadium singing “New York, New York” multiple times amidst streamers and confetti. I hugged total strangers and mancried a few times. This game is awesome.

-There were a lot more 49er fans than I thought there would be. Despite what TV reporters said on the telecast though, it felt just as loud, if not louder, than any other game I’ve been to. Great job 12th man.

-Lastly-I would just like to toot my horn for a sec and just say I freakin called it (I actually said 23-16).

All for now

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