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The Seahawks are Super Bowl Champions

…and I don’t know what to do with my hands!

I knew we had a chance to blow the Broncos out of the water, but I didn’t really, realistically expect it. I knew we were the better team. I knew we were the more explosive team. Pretty much, every fiber in my football knowledge body knew that the Seahawks were more than a match for the Denver Broncos. I blogged about how much more explosive we were than them, and gave us a 33% chance of a rout.

I was nervous however, about the possibility of the Seahawks being nervous. This was the most watched TV event in American history, and our Seahawks were playing in it. I was sweating bullets in the hours leading up to the game, I can only imagine how the players felt.

Yet, I did something that everyone else in the world has been guilty of at some point when it came to these Seahawks…I underestimated them.

They played by far, the best game of the season, and peaked at the absolute best time. This team is so far ahead of every other team in the NFL right now. The so-called 2nd best team in the NFL has unanimously been deemed as the San Francisco 49ers, and if that’s true, then you can bet your life that the Seahawks will repeat as Superbowl Champions next year too.

The Seahawks, with one of the most explosive players in the game with Percy Harvin, are an unstoppable force. The only thing that could possibly stop this team in 2014 are injuries, but seeing as how these Seahawks seem to sprout out of nowhere when a Seahawk goes down (like the mythical beast, the Hydra), I wouldn’t be surprised if that didn’t stop them either.

Apologies for not posting anything earlier in the week…I’ve honestly just been soaking everything in. The parade, the interviews, the freaking celebrations on the streets on Sunday night ….life doesn’t get much better than these moments.

I’ll talk about the city more a little later, and what it meant to us. For now, I want to focus on the game. Here’s some quick thoughts:

-Do you know when I first realized we were going to win a Superbowl? When Russell Wilson threw for 400 yards and led the Seahawks to a near epic comeback against the Falcons in 2012. I remember being super depressed after that game, but inexplicably, had a sense of hope. I remember thinking “Holy crap, this guy is going to win us a Superbowl someday”.

Russell Wilson was on fire. People will talk about the defense. Haters and pundits will say Russell Wilson benefits from a great defense and run game. Meanwhile, Russell Wilson will just continue to pile on the wins and championships. This guy is amazing, and I couldn’t be more proud in what he’s accomplished in 2 years in Seattle.

-The Legion of Boom have now reached legendary status. These guys are living legends. I posed this question in a previous blog, was this defense one of the best of all time? At the time I said probably not. However, after this performance, a valid case can be made. With the new rules in the NFL favoring offenses, I would argue they are one of the top 3 defenses of all time, behind only the 85 Bears and 00 Ravens. They are that damn good.

I don’t care what these guys do for the rest of their careers, or even where they play. They brought this city its first ever NFL Championship, and they will live on as immortals in Seattle lore.


-I’ve been banging that Percy Harvin drum the entire season. It seemed like leading up to the game, no one gave him a second thought that he could be a difference maker. I had no doubts. I knew that if Percy was on the field, he was going to be HUGE. And he was.

Good luck stopping Russell Wilson, Beastmode, and Percy next year NFL. The legion of zoom is here to stay.

-Pete Carroll has silenced any doubters or critics about him once and for all. People can say what they want about his sideline behavior or his “ethics” leaving USC, but there is no doubting he is probably the best football coach in the game right now. No one wants to go up against Pete Carroll. Lock him up Seahawks. Lock him up for a long time.

-BIG shout outs to all the 12’s that made the trip to New York. It looked and felt like a home game. The crowd noise played a big factor in flustering Peyton Manning, and the legend of the 12’s lives on. Now haters can’t claim that the Clink is the only reason the 12th man sounds loud. We just know how to bring it.

I’ll have much more as I soak the rest of the excitement in, and start getting into what the Seahawks do from here. For now, just know this: I love this team. I love this city. The city loves the team, the team loves the city.

There is no place I’d rather be.

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