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The 5 Biggest Trainwrecks in Seahawk History

Now that we’ve gone and won the Superbowl, we can all laugh at the terrible things that have happened to us in hindsight. The pain of miseries past seems to have healed over time, and with success brings a certain sense of imperviousness…you want to talk about the Seahawks dismal history? Great, we have a ring more recently than your team, and our team is still better than yours. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but we won the damn Superbowl.

With that in mind, let’s take a stroll down memory lane, and reflect on some of the worst things to happen to the Seahawks over the years. Keeping in mind, I’m not young, but I’m not old either, so I don’t have as great a memory when it came to those 1980’s Seahawks. Perhaps someone can enlighten me more on those dark days when we’d be looking at double digit losses every season.

Here’s my list, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments field!

Biggest Trainwrecks in Seahawks history

#5 Brian Bosworth

Brian Bosworth is now synonymous was the word “bust”, and that’s a hard feat to accomplish. He was a terrible linebacker, but he was pretty entertaining, so you can’t hate the guy too much. He also seemed to have a genuine hatred for John Elway, so he has to score some points on Seahawks fans scorecard right?

#4 Rick Mirer

For anyone who hasn’t seen Rick Mirer play a football game, the best way I can describe him is to picture Luke Skywalker throwing a football. That’s exactly who Rick Mirer reminded me of. Just a whiny, unathletic pansy who rode the coattails of his more powerful and famous father (in this case, Darth=Notre Dame).

The Seahawks drafted Rick Mirer with the 2nd overall pick, and ever since that moment, have never drafted a quarterback that nearly that high ever again. The memory of Rick Mirer scares even the boldest Seahawk fan from advocating drafting a quarterback early.

Wherever Rick Mirer is in the world, you can bet he’s not doing anything that requires any sort of athleticism or arm strength.

#3 Aaron Curry

I’m sorry to say this, because he’s probably a decent guy, but Aaron Curry is probably the dumbest player I’ve ever seen play football. Okay maybe Leon Lett was worse, but Aaron Curry is a close second. I’m not saying he was a dumb person, although he certainly could be, but he was a very dumb football player. If I was a Madden football game designer, and I had to assign an attribute to Curry’s awareness rating, I would find a way to lower it to a point which makes the player spin around in a circle like one of those old school vibrating magnetic football games.

Watching Curry play football was painful, but not like the Kam Chancellor painful. I don’t know much about defensive schemes and assignments, but when you watched Curry play, you could tell you were watching something unnatural.

Congrats Aaron, on overtaking Bosworth as the most overhyped useless Seahawk of all time.

#2 Tim Ruskell

Some of you might think I might be a little cruel by placing TR so high on the list. Some of you might say “But he took us to the Superbowl!” Bullcrap. Mike Holmgren took us to the Superbowl. Sure, Lofa Tatupu and Leroy Hill (Ruskell’s only 2 draft picks that amounted to anything) had somewhat of a role getting the team there….but the team was built on the shoulders of Matt Hasselback, Walter Jones, Steve Hutchinson, Shaun Alexander, Marcus Tubbs, Marcus Trufant, and Mike MF’ing Holmgren.

In hindsight, while making Superbowl XL was one of the greatest moments in my life, and other Seahawks fans lives….it was fool’s gold. It made us believe in Tim Ruskell, and of course the pain of Superbowl XL hasn’t left us until this year.

Tim Ruskell drafted Aaron Curry, lost Steve Hutchinson, traded for Deion Branch, and drafted Kelly Jennings. He was the worst GM in history. I would actually be curious to see who would win in a suck-fest competition between he, Jerry Jones and Al Davis (RIP).

Tim Ruskell killed everything. He was a cancer to this team. The only remaining member from his draft classes is Brandon Mebane. It’s a miracle what John Schneider and Pete Carroll have done with this team in such little time.

#1 Ken Behring

If Ruskell was the cancer, Ken Behring was the grim reaper. Ken Behring was the previous owner before Paul Allen, tried to pull a Clay Bennett and literally tried trucking the team down to LA, before Seattle fans physically stopped his trucks from going. Paul Allen stepped in and the rest was history. Ken Behring had no loyalty or sense of civic pride to the city of Seattle…he was dollar signs in LA and was determined to make it happen.

Paul Allen put his money where his mouth was, purchased the team, built a beautiful new stadium, and the rest is history as they say.

Let me know what you think…who deserves the title as the worst thing to happen to the Seahawk franchise?

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