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What’s Next? We Are Just Getting Warmed Up


“We are just getting warmed up” -Pete Carroll.

Those were the ominous words spoken by championship coach and current/future Seattle legend Pete Carroll at the championship celebration when he addressed the thousands of crazed 12th men and women. He knows what we know, what other NFL teams and every football fan is saying secretly behind closed doors (yes, I read other teams message boards sometimes), the Seattle Seahawks are young, and scary.

“My goal is: I want to win multiple championships” -Russell Wilson

The awesome thing about our coach, and the leaders on this time, is that they don’t sound like people satisfied with just winning one ring, and then fading into obscurity in NFL lore. They all have a deep, internal desire to be great. Not just good, not just memorable, but to be great, and to have the fortitude to keep pushing themselves to greatness.

It’s quite fitting that on the last post game locker room speech of the season, the team of castaways and mediocre players, ended their huddle by yelling in unison “What’s Next?!”. It was a fitting end to what has been a magical season for a young team. This was a team of destiny…outcasts by NFL standards, this was the ultimate disney movie with a happy ending. Too short, too slow, too tall, not good enough…this team and its band of brothers with chips on their shoulders, have heard it all. They are the real life Mighty Ducks.

Now as we sit back and shove it people’s faces calmly remind people that the Seahawks are world champions, we look forward to the 2014 season, and ask ourselves as fans, “What’s Next?”

Forget all the doom and gloom from naysayers who think the Seahawks won’t be able to repeat as Superbowl champs in 2014. The Seahawks will and should be favored to repeat as back to back champions next season. They are way too good and way too young to not be the favorites once again.

We are just getting warmed up. 

However, teams historically have not been very successful going in repeating as back to back champions in the NFL. A big reason why, especially in the last coupe of decades, is the NFL salary cap. In a nutshell, the NFL limits how much teams can spend on paying their players. It prevents “Superhero teams” like the Miami Heat of the NBA from forming, because each superstar is going to want what he is worth in the football market. Unfortunately for our Hawks, the team is loaded with up and coming superstars that are still on rookie contracts who will want a big pay day when their time to renegotiate comes.


Patrick Stewart knows a little something about the superhero Seahawks

I know a bit about the NFL salary cap, but I won’t go into too much detail, because its a painfully tedious process, and there’s honestly other places out there where you can get very detailed information on how the Seahawks salary cap situation looks….so let me just state this:

The Seahawks will definitely lose some key players this offseason. It sucks, but its a business. But the key isn’t/shouldn’t be to “keep the team” together, the key is how to keep the core pieces of the team together, while building the team for sustained success. I love Michael Bennett and Golden Tate, but if they think they are going to get huge contracts with Seattle, they are mistaken. I won’t blame them for taking bigger money elsewhere, but if they want to win multiple rings and be part of a legacy, they should offer that “hometown discount” for staying with Seattle.

The good news is that as long as we have Pete Carroll/John Schneider, the Seahawks will be okay. They will find the next Michael Bennett and Golden Tate, or any other players we might cut in the offseason (Rice, Clemons, Bryant, etc…) and they will do so for smaller amounts so that we can afford to keep the cornerstones (Earl Thomas, Sherman, Russell Wilson) around for a very, very long time. And make no mistake, those cornerstones of the franchises will be the key to success in 2014.

It will be interesting to see how this team deals with success, as opposed to adversity to begin last season. They are no longer the underdogs. They now play the role of odds on favorites with the target on their back. The team mantra will shift from “Why not us?” last year to “We are just getting warmed up” this offseason. Let’s see what magic Pete and John have up their sleeves this time.



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