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The Games I Watched-Week 1

NFL Season finally came and went, and now we can all be happy again. It’s good thing the NFL season starts around the same time as the weather starts getting dreary, otherwise I feel like there would be a lot more suicide in the world. I mean seriously, can you think of anything worse than shitty weather and no football? What would it be like being indoors on a cold winter morning with nothing to look forward to other than an NHL hockey game or bowling on ESPN 6?

Rather than speculating on other games through boxscores stats and highlight reels, I’ll give you my thoughts on the games I actually watched in Week 1:

Seahawks 36, Packers 16:

So in typical fashion, my beloved Seahawks dominated…of course. Everyone’s all “Oooh, the Seahawks are so impressive!”, and I’m like, “Have you been watching us the past 3 years bro?” Dominance is pretty much expected at the CLink, particularly when it’s a prime time game. The games I worry about are the 1pm “gimme” games against weaker teams, like Arizona last year. Our Hawks seem to only play really well when something crucial is on the line.

Aaron Rodgers looked out of whack, and people are asking questions now about the Packers…but again, what team hasn’t looked completely crappy against Seattle at Seattle?

Tennessee 26 Chiefs 10:

I watched this game for 2 reasons, and 2 reasons only.

1. To see how well the former UW alums, Jake Locker and Bishop Sankey would play.

2. To see how my backup fantasy QB, Alex Smith would play.

Tennessee looks much better than they did last years, and KC just the opposite. It seems like KC overachieved last year, and this year they are suddenly realizing “oh right, we’re not that great.” Alex Smith looks like the Alex Smith that the 49ers expected when they unloaded him for a 2nd round pick. Locker looked very much improved…but whenever I watch him I never feel comfortable. For a Titans fan, it must feel like what we felt like when we had Matt Hasselbeck as our QB. We know he’s good, and he can make decent throws, but he still scares the hell out of us when the ball is in his hands.

Falcons 37 Saints 34:

Mwah! This is why we love football. Good old fashioned, high scoring, hard hitting, competitive games like these where it all comes down to the wire. Atlanta looks like the team we all expected them to be last year (the year after they knocked the Hawks off their perch), and the Saints looked very Sainty in their 2014 debut. By that I mean they looked like the team we’ve come to expect by now; a high octane offense with a shitty defense. Matt Ryan and co are really good, so it might be unfair to call their D shitty after they finished ranked #4 last year in Defensive DVOA (they were pretty good), but I think this year they might come back down to earth a little bit.

My takeaways for these 2 teams for the rest of the year: The Saints will still win about 10-12 games this year, and will come back up to Seattle, where some “experts” will pick them to upset Seattle in Seattle. That is, until the game starts and Seattle has a pick 6 and we go back to wondering why anyone ever picks against Seattle in Seattle.

The Falcons look much better this year than last year, and I expect with a healthy Julio Jones, they will take the place of the Panthers as the surprise team to be in the playoffs this year.

Matty Ice looked like Matty Nice. I don’t know why this guy gets such a bad rap. Maybe because he has the personality of a cardboard box? I’m not sure. But I think he’s one of the top 6 QB’s in the league.

And poor Marques Colston.

49ers 28, Cowboys 17:

I can hear 49ers fans now, “Suck it Seahawks fans! Told you our team could score! Who’s got it better than us?!” A lot of teams do, actually. The score was about as predicted, but unless you actually watched the game, you wouldn’t really know how it actually went down. You would assume by the score that the offense looked top notch, and the defense suddenly became the 2011-12 Niners defense that people think about when they think of tough defenses.

But no.

To summarize, the Cowboys looked like the worst team in the NFL, and the Niners looked like, well, an NFL team. Tony Romo had 2 of the most inexplicable passes I have ever seen in an NFL game…other than the ones he’s made in the past obviously. Tony Romo is like that guy you play in Madden that doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing…and when he throws a pick to the defense in triple coverage, he looks down at his controller in confusion and says “Wait…which button is X?”

Seriously, Romo looks downright stupid out there, and I actually feel sort of bad for him because I think he may have a learning disability or something. Someone should definitely look into that.

To add to that-Dez Bryant looked like a guy that showed up to work hungover and just said, “Sorry, today I’m simply not going to actually do anything.”

The Niners had one good drive early, I’ll give em that…but other than that the rest of their scoring was just on stupid Dallas mistakes that any NFL team would have capitalized on. That’s not to say that Niners won’t be dangerous this year, and I know they have a bunch of injuries and suspensions, but the only thing I learned about the Niners of 2014 is that the “Bend but don’t break defense” probably only works when you are playing against a Tony Romo led offense where it’s “Don’t do anything, and just wait for that piece of junk to break itself.”

Broncos 31 Colts 24:

If you’re a casual NFL fan in some random city in the US, you probably aren’t aware of a quiet feud brewing between Seahawks fans and Colts fans. Colts fans seem to like to claim Luck as the best young QB in the league, and Niners fans love to jump on the Colts bandwagon solely for the reason of mocking our 5’10 and 3/4 midget of a QB who is worshipped in Seattle.

I think Luck is really, really good….but I really don’t see how or why people, and some of those people are “experts” put him in a class above Russell Wilson when they talk about the elite quarterbacks in the league.

The only argument I ever hear is that Russell Wilson has Marshawn Lynch and a great defense to credit for his success. As if that’s a detriment. Like a player can’t possibly be great unless he’s surrounded by idiots. Maybe that’s why people love Barry Sanders, because he was on such a crap team for so long? He was like the Shareef Abdur-Rahim of the NFL (Okay I know Sanders is an all-time great, and Abdur-Rahim was a borderline average player who played on a very terrible NBA team, but I felt compelled to put in an obscure reference somewhere).

So basically, I watched this game to see how Luck would do…and to no one’s surprise, certainly not mine, he looked like a very average QB. He turned it over twice in the game and made it look like a blowout. It’s only when Denver called off their dogs, and stopped shredding them through the air that the Colts came back. “Oh but Luck is so great because he pulls his teams from behind late in games”…how about trying being ahead of games for once? That usually works out better you know.

That being said, I think Luck and Wilson are about equal and I would take either one of them on my team. I think the Colts will be good, but it looks like they are probably another year away from being serious contenders.

After getting their asses handed to them on silver plate with a scoop of grey poupon in the Super bowl, Denver actually looked pretty good. If they can avoid injury, I fully expect them to be back in the Superbowl to play against the Seahawks in a Superbowl rematch where the game won’t be decided in the first 5 minutes of the game. Perhaps in the last quarter instead.

We can only hope.

On a sidenote-I’ll be gone on my honeymoon in Europe for the next 3 weeks, so I’ll be off the blog for a while. Here’s how I think the next 3 weeks will go….just so I can leave with piece of mind:

Seahawks 3-0. We’ll beat San Diego, although it might take until the 4th quarter to do it. We’ll beat Denver at home because crowd noise and audibles and stuff.

Niners 2-1. They’ll probably eke out a win at home in the new and “improved” Levi’s stadium against the Bears. Then I think they’ll drop one to the feisty Cardinals.

Rams 0-3. They’ll continue their freefall into the NFC West cellar because they lost their quarterback, and their defense can only hold up for so long.

Cardinals. 2-1…just because they beat us at home last year, so that must count for something.

Rest of the NFL 0-23: I don’t really care about the rest…..but I expect after 3 weeks I expect these teams to look like possible Seahawks opponents in January/Feb:

Saints, Falcons, Packers, Eagles, Broncos, Colts.

Arrive a derci, and Grazy.

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