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Huskies Having Tough Time Breaking Average

Lorenzo Romar and Steve Sarkisian are good coaches. They have both taken their programs from being borderline terrible, to having some decency and relevance in the college sports world. Both guys are very similar in their demeanor as well. Both are “nice” guys who prefer a laid back approach to their coaching style, opposed to the hard nosed, discipline approach that some others take when rebuilding a program. Romar has […]

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RIP to Don James, aka the Dawgfather

The Seahawks played on Thursday night, so this weekend was a nice one to chill and relax, and enjoy some other games rather than stressing about the Hawks game. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse for Huskies fans, as they first got blown out in Arizona State, then got the bad news that Don James, the legendary ex-Huskies coach, passed away on Sunday. I don’t want to get too […]

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Why I hate the Oregon Ducks

It’s really hard to think of any other team or fan base that I hate more than the Oregon Ducks. I’ve known two Duck fans in my whole life. Living in the Northwest, that’s actually pretty good. And by pretty good, I mean fan-friggin-tastic that I haven’t met more.  One was a guy that I met during a friend’s bachelor party. This dude was actually a pretty nice guy. Lives in San […]

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Tuesday morning Roundup Week 5

Damn you football Gods! It’s times like this where I am torn as a sports blogger. I love sports very much….obvi, but honestly there are times, like this weekend, where I thought more than once “Ugh. Oh well, it’s just a game. I have to move on with my life.” It’s easy to say this week 5, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a hot mess last […]

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